PWN London EmpowHer Mastermind Series II: What Strategies Can Effectively Boost Women’s Presence in Leadership Roles?

23 May 2024 House of Lords

Start the day with us and peers at our second edition of our EmpowHer mastermind series aimed at addressing the pervasive issue of women’s presence in leadership roles.

Joining us from the University of Portsmouth are Dr. Devran Gulel and Karen Johnson, renowned researchers leading the multi-million EUR 'RE-WIRING' transformative research project from the UK. This international project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe program, and is contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5.

Dr Devran Gulel possesses a Master of Arts degree in European Studies from the University of Hamburg and a Doctor of Philosophy in Law from the University of Portsmouth, where she was a fully funded doctoral candidate between 2017 - 2021. Devran is actively involved in interdisciplinary research that spans various fields, including law, politics, and organisational studies.

Karen Johnston is Professor of Organizational Studies at the University of Portsmouth. Her research interests include public administration and management, and gender studies. Karen has published highly regarded books, chapters and journals articles, and serves on editorial boards of highly ranked journals.

Join us for an exclusive networking breakfast where we'll explore cutting-edge strategies to boost women's presence in top roles. You will have the chance to engage in dynamic discussions, gain insights from the pioneering 'RE_WIRING' research project at the University of Portsmouth, and exchange ideas on driving effective change.

You'll also get the chance to meet Devran and Karen, the driving forces behind the significant 'RE-WIRING' research project at the University of Portsmouth, who will be able to bring valuable inputs on this topic!

In addition to a fantastic discussion, enjoy breakfast and networking at this exclusive event. There are limited places available for this edition of our EmpowHer mastermind series, therefore, early booking is advised.

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