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The PWN Global membership base is home to some incredible thought leaders who are experts in their fields - that includes YOU! Our philosophy of sharing and supporting one another to develop professionally means that we love it when our members share their knowledge via short learning videos, editorial pieces or even research results - it is also a really effective way to leverage visibility for you and your business.

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  • Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women

    In this session, Inge - an expert in gender difference - showed us that to recruit, retain and advance women, organisations need to flex their style so it works for men and women; in short they need to be Gender Smart. 

    We discussed the issues women experience at work and where they come from. We also looked at the positives: difference brings value, and she taught us how women can leverage this value at work. We all left with some practical actions and valuable new insights. 

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  • How Can Good Inclusive Leadership Support ‘The Future of Work’?

    Delivered by Fleur Bothwick OBE, this session is a really interesting watch for all those pondering the future of the workforce. Arguably a lot of what we think about as the ‘future’ of work is here already.  The 4th revolution is already disrupting some traditional work models, and with disruption you can be left with ambiguity and a feeling of a lack of control. In this session, Fleur describes some of the challenges you may be facing and pragmatic approaches to tackling them. A must for any senior HR executive or leader charged with strategising on inclusivity. The slide deck for this session is also available to view, here.

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  • Handling Ordinary Sexism in the Workplace

    Have you ever heard or witnessed a sexist remark that made you feel uncomfortable and to which you didn’t know how to respond to it? You’re not alone. Ordinary sexism in the workplace is wide spread. It can come from colleagues, managers and clients. This workshop gives you strategies to handle it in an effective way. 

    Man or Woman - everyone has something to learn from this session!

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  • I'm No Good With Money! Empower Yourself

    The title of this session is a little mis-leading. The concepts discussed in this webinar are equally applicable to any part of your life where you have beliefs that may be holding you back. 

    If you find your inner voice saying 'I can't....', 'I shouldn't....', 'I won't.....' - then you may be holding yourself back from creating the life that you really want to live. Want to change that? Then login to the member platform to listen.

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  • Fully Showing Up

    In this session, Maureen Simon explains how you can put your natural talents and gifts to full use in your business and work. Maureen takes us on a journey showing how now is the time for us to live the life we truly desire as we fully show up and make a difference in this world.  We all have natural talents, gifts and attributes that – once claimed and lived -can totally change the quality of our life and work! Our talents – when fully expressed in our life - can be a major source of strength and happiness.  

    Do you know what yours are? Do you know how to leverage them to benefit you and the world?

    Listen again to this session to find out how you can gain more contribution and shine in work and business!

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