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  • Gender Pension Gap: What it is and what you can do about it

    Women are, on average, retiring with only 60% of the pension savings of their male colleagues. What makes this even more of an issue is that because women on average live longer than men, these savings actually need to be more, not less. 

    So how has this come about?  Well the gender salary gap is a significant contributor, but there are many more factors at play.  In this webinar, we discuss these and also, more crucially, we will discuss practical steps that we can all take to help address this issue.

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  • How We Hold Ourseleves Back, And What To Do About It

    ‘When you get out of your own way … magic happens.’ - Judy Reynolds

    When we’re perpetually stressed and worried, or we’re not quite where we want to be in our careers or in our lives generally,  it’s tempting to point the blame squarely on external factors. We might attribute our stress to our demanding boss and unrelenting workload, or our lack of progression to an absence of opportunities within our organization. And the more we look to these external factors, the more stuck and frustrated we feel. In reality, these external factors matter only when we think they do.  

    In this session we’ll be exploring: 

    • Five common mindsets and thought patterns that keep us stressed out and stuck
    • Recognising and dealing with these patterns in the moment
    • Connecting to your inner wisdom and taking aligned action to move forward

    You’ll come away with practical tools and tips to deepen your fulfilment and achieve your goals in and outside of work. 

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  • Workplace Wellness: Free Your Mind From Sugar in the Workplace

    Sugar is an ingredient that is on almost every food label, whether it is labelled directly as “sugar” or "sugar in disguise". Many of us are aware that too much sugar is bad for our health, but a lot of people are unaware of just how much-added sugar they are eating on a regular basis. This can lead to the mid-afternoon slump: feeling tired, grumpy or even worse becoming the 'Hulk' at work.

    In this webinar, we share some secrets about sugar, how you can free your mind from sugar, gain your energy back and how to enjoy it in moderation. Eat Less Sugar. You Are Sweet Enough!

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  • To Perform Better as a Leader, You Need to Sleep Better

    This webinar focuses on the importance of sleep, highlighting what an organization can do to improve the sleep of its employees. By describing the science behind sleep in an accessible way, Els presents the benefits of sleep not only for your health, but also for productivity and leadership behaviour. The main takeaways of this session include the benefits of good sleep in three areas:

    • the impact sleep can have on the organization,
    • the improved leadership qualities with better sleep, and
    • numerous practical recommendations on how to improve sleep.
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  • How You Are Getting In Your Own Way, Getting To The Top!

    You have your goals, you know where you want to be, you may even be offered the roles you want, but something doesn’t feel right.

    • Why do you feel like you might be found out as a fraud at any time?
    • Why do you still have those behaviours that you know aren’t helpful but can’t seem to shift?
    • Why do you feel that you have so much potential but you can’t seem to access it?

    This session will answer these questions and more. Mari Wiliams explains how your brain tries to protect you by holding you back and why events you may not have noticed at the time are still having an effect on your now. How do the beliefs from society about women’s roles filter into our unconscious without us knowing or believing in them? Mari explains exactly why strong emotions make us stupid and how you can stop that happening so that you can be effective even in high stress situations.

    You’ll come away with a clear understanding of your brain, feeling calmer and with an idea of any next steps you need to take to get you to reach your potential. 

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