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The PWN Global membership base is home to some incredible thought leaders who are experts in their fields - that includes YOU! Our philosophy of sharing and supporting one another to develop professionally means that we love it when our members share their knowledge via short learning videos, editorial pieces or even research results - it is also a really effective way to leverage visibility for you and your business.

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  • PWN Global Webinar: Learning to Lead

    Leadership can feel daunting, whether you’re thinking of applying for a more senior role, or you’re already in one and finding it more of a challenge that you thought. 

    Conventional wisdom has it that we think and reflect our way into being a leader, but in this session, Susan Ritchie shares a different approach; to be a leader, we need to lead first. Just as you’d learn to drive by driving, you’d learn to crochet by crocheting and you’d learn to paint by painting, you can learn to lead by leading, whether you have the title or not. 

    We build confidence by doing what challenges us; learning to lead is no different. Every new role requires new behaviours from us – a failure to learn these means our progress will stall. In this session Susan shares a structured approach for developing yourself as a leader; you’ll become more comfortable, more quickly, which is the basis for showing up confidently. 

    After attending this session, you will be able to:

    * Follow a six-step framework for learning new leadership behaviours

    * Become more confident and comfortable in your role, more quickly

    * Cultivate a playful, experimental approach to developing your leadership identity

    * Respectfully disrupt the status quo for maximum impact 


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  • PWN Webinar: You are more than you think you are

    In the 1970s I attended a speech by Dr.Viktor Frankl, the psychiatrist and author of Man’s Search for Meaning.

    Frankl drew a line on the blackboard that he labelled “failure” on one end and “success” on the other. He said that much of our lives we spent working hard to be successful.

    Success is primarily defined by external measures – how much money you make, your rank in the company, and the respect accorded you by your peers. 

    Frankl believed that there is a wholly separate dimension commonly left out of our thinking and planning. He drew a vertical line across the horizontal line and called it the fulfilment-depression line.

    Fulfilment is the deeply felt sense that your life is full, whole. Fulfilment, unlike success, is largely defined by internal measures, by how we feel about what we are doing or have done.

    You cannot find fulfilment by chasing success, by working harder, by running faster. We largely know what is required of us to be successful – hard work, perseverance, talent, and a little luck. We are less sure – as individuals and as a culture – of what is asked of us to be fulfilled. What can we do? 

    Watch this session to receive thought provoking practical ideas - in the most entertaining way you probably have experienced in a business environment for a long time.

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  • PWN Global Webinar: How working couples can thrive in their careers and relationship

    Learn the secret of making two careers and a relationship work over the long term.

    Enough with the old idea that your relationship is a refuge at best, and a burden at worst, for your career!

    Jennifer presents insight from her research on how dual-career couples can move beyond trade-offs and set up a work and love life that makes both partners thrive. 

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  • PWN Madrid: Unlocking the Power of Inclusion

    The challenges of the modern world demand equality, fairness and a workplace culture where everyone is valued, respected and heard. Inclusion is delivered through our behaviours every day.  

    Do you want to contribute to create a more inclusive workplace for more engaged teams where all voices and insights are heard?

    Are you a leader, manager or individual contributor? Everyone can play a role and make a meaningful impact through their behaviours every day. In this great recorded webinar session with Sophie Standke,  you can dicover simple and tangible tools based on insights that will enable you to become more inclusive.

     In this session, you wil learn how to:

    • Improve group decision making
    • Create psychological safety & focus on active listening
    • Apply key traits of inclusive leadership
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  • PWN London Webinar: Virtual Executive Presence

    In the light of the global pandemic your 'Virtual' Executive Presence has now become a 'Reality'. For the foreseeable future. Organizations are now relinquishing coveted head office sites and asking Leaders to step up and run teams remotely, and this means spending the vast majority of your working day talking to a computer screen.

    Being influential has never been so important, and so challenging.

    If we are to succeed in delivering results through others, we need a set of influencing skills which cut through the consequences of a tragic health and economic crisis, connect with our co-workers and deliver performance. Never has there been a better time to hone your skills and 'shine'. 

    Virtual Executive Presence is a rich, wide ranging topic. This 90 minute session provides a practical, entertaining and immediately applicable introduction to the topic. It will provide you with a range of best practices to  and to implement immedately.  

    Listen back to Joanna Polak-Goodman from Imagetalks, International Corporate Image and Personal Brand Coach, ex City Director from blue chip Financial Services firms in an interactive, engaging and educational workshop. 

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