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  • Target women on career breaks to get best talent possible

    10 August

    Earlier this year, more than half (51%) of the 2000 or so women we surveyed about their careers cited ‘confidence in my personal...

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  • Cafe Charges Male Customers 18 Percent 'Man Tax'

    10 August

    Cafe Charges Male Customers 18 Percent 'Man Tax' In Australia, a café is charging male customers more to raise awareness of the...

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  • Three Tough Lessons On Bias From The Google Memo

    10 August

    Some of the worst biases aren’t unconscious at all, one therapist points out. They’re simply un-discussed.

    This story...

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Latest research

  • Companies must work harder at creating an environment for women leaders to rise to the top | Daily Maverick

    Now with double the insight! 9 August 2017 09:03 (South Africa) ADVERTISEMENT Companies must work harder at creating an...

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  • This is the study that definitely proves men aren’t born more competitive than women

    A memo circulated by a Google engineer decrying the tech giants’ diversity efforts as misguided ricocheted around the Internet...

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  • Women Must Be Nice To Gain Influence At Work, Study Finds | HuffPost

    Girls are taught at a young age that it’s important to be nice ? sugar and spice and all that. And the pressure to please...

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